2013 Winners

Country Male Vocalist
: Jeremiah Wheeler

Country Female Vocalist: 
Rachel Lipsky

Country Entertainer
: Amy Rose

Country Band/Group
: Highway 55

Country Song
: “Bright Blue World” – Courtney Leigh Heins

Country Album
: “Won’t Let Go” – Tim Holmes

Pop Male Vocalist
: Isaiah Grass

Pop Female Vocalist: 
Eden Espinosa

Pop Entertainer
: Tyler Matl

Pop Band/Group: 
Goodbye Friday

Pop Song
: “Party Glitter Rockstars” – Lexi

Pop Album
: “Look Around” – Eden Espinosa

Rock Male Vocalist
: James Ethan Clark

Rock Female Vocalist: 
Christy Johnson

Rock Entertainer
: Meadows Fortune

Rock Band/Group
: Red Box Harbor

Rock Song
: “Sing to Me” – Seven Story Fall

Rock Album
: “Shine” – Jon Mullane
Rock CD/Album

Hip Hop Male Vocalist
: Septimius The Great

Hip Hop Female Vocalist: 

Hip Hop Entertainer
: Summer Azul

Hip Hop Band/Group: 
Deadly D

Hip Hop Song
: “Control” – eMkay

Hip Hop Album
: “Moving On” – eMkay

Christian Male Vocalist
: J. Douglas Wright

Christian Female Vocalist: 
Katelyn McCarter

Christian Entertainer
: Katelyn McCarter

Christian Band/Group: 
Isaiah’s Cry

Christian Song
: “We Are Hope” – Sheila Raye Charles

Christian Album
: “From You For You” – Dan Macaulay

Songwriter of the Year
: Jiggley Jones

Music Video of the Year
: “Say Goodnight” – Reasons Be

Record Company of the Year
: Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment

Management Company of the Year: 
MTS Management Group

Producer of the Year: 
Joseph Abate (Look Around – Eden Espinosa)

Best Musical
: “The Color Purple” (The Poteet Theatre)

Best Lead Actor in a Musical
: Ryan PJ Mulholland

Best Lead Actress in a Musical: 
Morgan Casto

Best Director of a Musical: 
Patti Mactas

Best Choreography
: Melanie Cornelison

Best Featured Actor in a Musical: 
Elliott Brabant

Best Featured Actress in a Musical
: Ashley Taylor

Best Scenic Design of a Musical
: Jay Prock

Best Lighting Design of a Musical: 
Tim Roberts

Best Sounds Design of a Musical
: Mark Keeler

Best Play
: The Glass Menagerie (Cast Theatrical Company)

Best Lead Actor in a Play
: JJ Porter

Best Lead Actress in a Play
: Janine Theodore

Best Director of a Play
: Ed Bassett

Best Featured Actress in a Play
: Judith Wellner

Best Sound Design of a Play
: Fred Kuttner

Best Lighting Design of a Play: 
Claudia Toth

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